Management Games

Management Games helps create learning opportunities, interactive and fun with key lesson objectives to take with you to the office. However, games should not be run just for the sake of that, or even for making an office facilitator’s life easier. But there are several reasons behind running management games specifically:

A simulates ‘real life’ conditions of the concepts of the curriculum. Management games are designed and structured to teach students the best management practices. The best management games take into account important aspects of management, including finance, human resources, marketing, planning and operational strategies. They are developed and modified to cover all topics and to make the curriculum more interesting. This is the main reason why most business schools have management games, as they use business strategy to train future managers.

Games based on real life themes create learning opportunities in unique and interesting ways. Theme park management games train people on theme park management, and teaching kids the value of budgets, cost control, and profitability. Likewise, budgeting and profits in medical office management games teach the same lessons. On the other hand, a corporate management game can help improve productivity, boost morale, and provide an enjoyable work environment for employees. Such companies that include medical office management games in their curriculum packages are generally recognized companies that truly care about the welfare of their staff.

Theme park management games create learning opportunities in the theme park industry. Theme parks have evolved themselves from simple places that entertained families in the past, into huge business complexes catering to millions of tourists every year. As such, the operational and financial management of these establishments requires expert knowledge. Thus, theme park managers and CEOs would benefit from a business management game based on the theme park industry.

A sports management game improves managerial skills such as decision making, negotiating, and implementing. As such, football manager and Farming 19 both feature successful business people using a simulation-style game to do their business. These management games take players through the tedious activity of running a successful business. In the case of football manager, players must make crucial decisions during games, while in the case of Farming 19, players must plot out the strategies for success and use available resources to their advantage.

In general, management games with a fantasy theme are popular among children. A good example of a management game for young children is the popular Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is a video game that follows a storyline set in the ancient times. In this game, young players can control their favorite characters and perform athletic actions to score points and reach the goal. Likewise, the popular Candy crush game is also suitable for children who love to play strategy games.