Pirate Games

So if you wish to prove yourself as a worthy, real pirate, then’re the top ten best pirate games ever think about are great trials. Yeah, being a pirate on space counts; swashingbuckling ain’t just reserved for the seven seas alone. Let’s explore some of the top ten most popular and most exciting pirate games ever!

Rebel Galaxy: The ultimate Space Pirate simulator! In the distant universe of the galaxy there exists a problem: piracy. Pirates with evil motives are running rampant, and the empire that exists on dry planets is no match to their power. Your task is to get into contact with the rebel galaxy and make friends with some interesting and wacky characters that will then aid in your quest to become the pirate king and rescue your friends from the clutches of the evil pirates.

Grog: Another cool PC pirate game with a unique setting. In this game you are an aspiring pirate who needs to gain some skill in order to gain passage to the mysterious planet Zorg. Grog needs to learn to use new technology and acquire the knowledge needed to sail the dangerous waters of Zorg. The graphics are fairly nice, but I can’t quite figure out how to get past that pesky beam gun thing that appears occasionally and slows you down.

Monkey Island: One of the earliest pirate games ever made, Monkey Island is a simple to use, but addictive game that puts you in the position of being an unlikely hero. You must sail the coconut trees, avoid the lava monsters and fight your way to the end of the island and finally face the evil Captain Jack. It’s a little bit silly in the beginning, but you quickly begin to understand that you’re not really supposed to die. From there you have a choice of several endings including getting married and raising a family, or destroying the island and starting over.

Pirates of the Caribbean: This one has a little bit of everything. It takes place on an island where you play right from the start with your actions determining how much you can accomplish later on. The storyline takes place during a period of exploration and adventure and takes you on a wild goose chase to retrieve treasure while combating rival buccaneers along the way. It’s classic and fun Pirates of the Caribbean type game so it’s important to read the walkthroughs before playing any of the Pirates of the Caribbean games if you want to play right from the start.

Captain Jack Sparrow and his ragtag band of buccaneers are a group of antihero pirates who are famous for robbing and killing on the high seas. This game puts you right in the center of the action in a setting that mirrors real life like San Francisco Bay. One of the most popular games among pirates is Dead Man’s Chest, where you’ll have to rescue the queen from the clutches of a pirate who wants to kill her. Another Pirates of the Caribbean game is Topsy-Turvy, where you’ll have to choose which ship you’re going to sail on as well as how many crew members you’ll have. You can even choose between carrying a gun or not, and there are a few other things you can do to make the game even more entertaining.