Restaurant Games

Play free Restaurant Games such as hot potato, checkers and the much loved free version of Solitaire for your mobile and tablets! Restaurant Games on Android and iOS is your ultimate guide to the world of restaurant simulation games. What we have here is a very simple strategy game that comes packed with all the elements of a restaurant manager’s duties. Players will be tasked with ordering food, managing inventory and even taking orders for specific specialties. The player can make use of different touch screen gestures and menu navigation features to control their game experience in an effective manner. Restaurant Games Online is your perfect source to play your favourite free online games on mobile and tablets today!

Some of the popular restaurant games revolve around the management of food service, sushi making and menu planning. For example, one of the popular sushi games challenges you to produce the best tasting recipes from the raw materials available at home and at the store. Players are also challenged to make the right choices when it comes to preparing the food by using various methods such as roasting, grilling, steaming or frying. Some of the popular chef management games include Bistro Chef, Gourmet Chef, Island Chef, Italian Chef and more.

Another category of popular restaurant games is cooking games. This is a great way to enjoy some fun cooking in real time! Some of the popular cooking games include Baking Chef, Kitchen Manager, Restaurant Chef and More. They allow you to plan out your restaurant kitchen, manage your stock of ingredients, order take away and more. For dessert, many restaurant management games offer Cookie Monster and Frosty the Snowman. They also let you cook themed recipes such as ice cream sandwiches, banana splits and much more.

In addition, many restaurant games incorporate food-related concepts including ordering take away, delivering food and more. Some of the popular cooking game concepts include: Pizza Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant, Chili Restaurant, Italian Restaurant, Chinese Restaurant Chef and more. The best cooking games feature different types of restaurant settings and multiple player challenges to provide endless hours of entertainment and challenge your brain as well as your culinary skills.

Food Street Games also presents a unique way to experience what it takes to run a restaurant. The concept of food street challenges help you experience what it takes to manage a food business while you try to earn money, become famous and more. These restaurant management games feature a unique mix of cooking challenges and restaurant management that test your patience, multitasking and more. Some of the popular food street games include: